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For best results, place a copy of this in your Bible and your Journal. Use daily. If it is helpful please let me know. Dan Phillips

1. Silence...a time of releasing the spirit

A state of alertness standing in God's presence. This inner stillness and a state of attentive listening and total surrender to God's word heard in the depth of one's being. This leads to spiritual poverty and self-emptying. (Matthew 5:3, Luke 6:20, Romans 8:3-11)

During a period of silence, we turn from words to seek some place where God shall speak in a voiceless but varied language. At its best silence becomes solitude and we realize that God is wrapping us with His presence.

The sanctuary of silence is the rallying place of the spirit, the rendezvous of the soul with God.

3. Meditation - examination of my own life in light of the scripture you have been reading.

Reflect on its meaning for the sake of illumination of one's own life.

4. Prayer - A time of pouring out my soul to God.

"I look at Him. He looks at me and we are happy."When we pray we should be as beggars approaching Christ. An experiement in prayer:
  • 1. Companion Prayer - Take the analogy of a friend whom you are showing your world for the first time. Make God a part of your life. Show Him your world.
  • 2. Soaking Prayer - We do not ask for anything special. We just rest, let go, breathe in, and soak up the healing light of God which embraces us. We rest in it, breathe it, and allow it to work its transforming renewal in us.
  • 3. Prayer of the Heart - Pray for Jesus to come into your heart. Pray: "The living Lord is within my heart and bringing new life to me, He is re-energizing my soul, restoring my sense of purpose, and leading me to be in His presence."....Open your hands upward when it feels right. Sense the power or God's spirit within.

5. Contemplation -- making my life like putty in God's hands.

"Not my will, Lord; but thine be done.

6. Obedience - obeying God's will in my life.
(Hearing a rhythm in life that is not ordinarily heard. God needs men and women whose hearts are in tune with His.)
2. Bible Study (lectio) -- what does the Bible say to me?

"Give the sacred text a special place in your room and it will begin to exert a meaningful influence - calling one regularly to prayer and reading."

Read the Bible as if you are reading a letter from a friend.

Linger over the words."We linger over the words, savor them, and allow themto soak into the very center of our being, because we know that in this letter we are being addressed by someone who loves us." (John Mogabgab)

Read the Bible with your mind and body. Get inside a scripture, walk in it, be one of the characters. Listen between the lines of scripture for God to speak. Jesus often walks with us, like the road to Emmaus and we may not recognize Him. Getting to know God leads us to know and accept ourselves, weaknesses and all; then we can relate to others.

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