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     Michelle and I have put this site together so our friends and family can "keep up" with us as we begin our vagabond years.   We have watched too many friends, family, and co-workers pass away over the last few years, including our 26 year old daughter in law.  We all have our names in the cookie jar and there is no telling when we will be next.  (no we are not paranoid, just realistic)
     Its time to pursue a dream I have had since childhood (way too many decades ago).   We have sold our home on the lake, and literally everything else we own to go sailing wherever the winds and tides take us.  Our new home is an Island Packet 40ft sailboat, currently on the East coast.  We plan on working and cruising along the East coast for 18-24 months while we brush up on our sailing skills, then hopefully head for the Caribbean and parts unknown,

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02/19/04  added photos to Our New Home page

5/13/04  Pictures added to 1st Trip page

08/15/04  Transitions page added

3-25-04   Two Marathon pages added

Our Island Packet 40
Enroute to Bermuda